Home ยป Single Leaf
Aye, I speak of that single leaf,
My ideas run few and wild,
But it was just this leaf I saw,
Lingering, in the midst of bloom.
'Twas neither dark, nor light in day,
Nor was I seeing bark fight the day,
Withering through the wind was That,
Falling from its host was just That;
Nor resisting, nor falling, but moving,
Beneath the green I saw a world in view,
Those veins carrying its essence flowed,
Then I looked beyond the veins and thought,
"There's a universe, a world, a single state."
What I saw in our world today, compares not;
In all its chaos of tree decayed, could not fathom,
This leaf still fell, and was not resisting the wind.
Nor was it telling of fair asunder,
Nor grew tired till ground it touched,
Not drew the sighs once it was.
It was the wind carrying this leaf away,
It was the leaf that took the trees away.
From high above the hives of bees,
To this was new home on ground anew,
Nor sang was it that wind hoisted blew,
True was it, that I should witness one;
Not all, but simply stood idle and captive,
That I sing both free and captive of all things,
Nor could I help but watch it fall to ground,
That I may think a bit, the state of all,
How naive I was that all could not fall!
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