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Every man is a born star,
The difference thus is what makes the light
Angelic shade, give birth far,
My cloak of breeze and song: refill this night.
So weep, and so deep in thought,
Though fire's burn with angst and cry, nor seeping,
Erst life known then comes life known,
That all fire stir me, then all fire rage me fury,
Nor was it no different on Earth pitied,
Resistance fought, my bribe bought,
What law but man's? Shariah a mess!
So cherish the grief I sing in fire,
Oh, hellfire! My ego wept in earnest greed,
Hath fought long but hard not greed
Forgive, but relish not what was done aghast,
If at all, I shall call a thousand sins depart,
Whilst my dark days grow firm,
And all rhyme and reason fate's awished,
Delicate fire, my tomb is yond from here,
So depart from here, grieve from near,
As the hypocrisy consumes my fear,
Let no man come near lest all in gear,
My works attract, my eyes detract!
Give me contrary opinion to the new,
And I shall rest on lava cakes till fool's abide,
Whilst I watch venice water's shrink and fall,
Till no one begets my utter shrink and fall.

I shall be the angel you know
As the devil in the sheets,
When I am least censored,
That will be my call,
Until then, I am unsung and hated,
Then slapped and mocked for small,
It is then that I am accused of the crime,
Till I, an innocent angel, swears to him,
Till I, swearing death upon my life.
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