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Like a leaf I am, wind and rain come:
Damn it! The hell that ye come near,
When green alone is all I sing and write,
Now crease this leaf I trickle ooze,
Grief is it, my friends doth say, those leaves;
The age is gone from haraam ere be halal,
Wrung round my stem, its roots now descend,
With such bulbs as tightly round as sting,
Could not fathom such dirt ere more is come,
Then I say I am still a leaf, alone and attached,
When this dead plant falls: there am I sought,
Fromwith all I beget now strikes chords beau,
Though I fear such chords me forgets now few
Till one would not view me leaf as much I am,
Then tend me not, nor catch mine eye, nor vein;
It is fraught then, I am left, then plucked and held,
When each is brought, I am neither here and there,
But in essence brought is my existence ere laid
Aghast the foul stench my decaying green sought,
Thus becomes the green most relying bought.

I know this because I am bought and sold,
Then they smoke me. Then I am whole..