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Said some years past how light gives way:
Every rock of asteroid spins,
So true it is how light brings all together,
So true is it now we observe its axis formed,
If yet make or break from hence the light,
Each spin twicefold now oncefold once
Ere the last is kept from dark is made.
Bitter and fewer were each axes formed,
Ones larger they spin as fast they come,
As each crash from this was speed the same.
So be an asteroid and here, remember this:
Of all times and grueling measure foretold,
Each asteroid shall crash upon you and break,
You shall break, and you shall split in two,
The mind so delicate, it too shall split in two;
Though words like needles drive bitter woe,
Can only go as far as skin, vein and flesh!
Yet each one spins alone and much like asteroid!
The first senses light, the second senses light;
Then third yea ancient crashes against the newborn,
Yet all they spin and continue round our gaze as new,
These are the constant cycles brought we need,
Then no space without life can suck life from us,
So be an asteroid. Spin. Keep spinning:
For it is then the Universe spinning round ye.

To no end at all, still they spin,
For light of stars touch them,
It makes them spin as fast,
Too much light, there lacks a spin.
Balance, then! Meaning, and balance.
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