Home ยป Barry the Hamster
A while back Neptune with Mithra would war,
Songs leavened light but darkened snow yea cold,
Twas hour tight till carpets soaked in tears bore,
Pages ye books now would crease they longed to fall,
That was when Barry took note his cage floating,
Woken drooping sounds, steadfast come was nigh,
Headlong fought and bitter sought the bars now broke,
Long last the door came through, and walls drunk more,
Each book he clung as ships afloat at sea,
With a thrust the weight of walls loomed to cave,
Gasp! and scurry! and hurrying was he,
Till higher ground was met, and boarish tears he made,
Night would grow; cold would bite: till leaves he ate.
"What time of fright! My owner gone for nuts!
Nor Noah refuge me from Neptune's arm!
Nor Mithra for warmth of light lest mine dies!"
As morn would whisper, so too others follow,
She stopped by memories and peeked and throwed.
At long last she took note of her hamster weak,
Did give warmth and food by hand and lips powed:
"Of all things I have lost be it named and shamed,
For I have all in the world; a curse ye devil's bane!
My dear Barry the Hamster yet he lives!"
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