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We are the gales that direct you here,
Until my breath is silent, remain near.
So when the windows shut and close,
New breeze shall sooth once a warm heart,
I can feel the cheating brow sweating,
So lay round the table, then call a name.

What's that name? So give that name,
Each letter a thousand candles part,
Through each flame, a shadow bows,
By silent drums, my core is mute of fire,
So dark are walls I could then walk through,
To each their own, this world a fire resign,
Guiding me then is light, how small a light!
Pity a light, now small a world behind!
The darkness grows, the drums beat louder,
A heart would bang the drum till skins tear,
If then I look back, no room would be there!
For within the slightest crouch I long breathe,
It was then parts of me left my sanctum slow,
As each half fades, each day grows to age.
That was the last I saw of benign figures,
They'll be come again, lest my heart is frail.