Home ยป Mother
"Oh, I just walked by",
So you walk,
"It wasn't enough",
So much is enough,
"But grief bestowed is heart to me",
If all is grief then it's heart to me;
"Am I not your bestowed prize?"
Shadow me with such a prize.
"The wind gushes through-"
I am lingering. From one nor through;
"I crossed the sea"
You crossed the sea.
"I thought I had hope near"
But it was death so near.
"My ocean took my dearest",
Your ocean responded nearest.
"She could not look, nor surf"
These are the whispers of Earth.
"But I am now sinking, pray."
If you are but to the Earth a prey.
"Mock my cause more, but I sink."
Lest all the world in mourn in sync-
"Shall breathe a breath I never breathed-"
Which you shall breathe twice ere breathed.
"Woe, I find the light distant waters blue"
But no man was singing unto you.