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Few friends refuged nearby from galeing force,
Of course, it was by pint, nut and tither got
Chatter choked and checked: an almighty morse
Such branches y'trees upon windows fought,

Yet asked by whispers near, comes tooth appear!
Each shard of white, tat upon the thinker's eyes
Where by swollen gaze, no word could never sear,
The pint in his hand, each second its cold now dies,

For even such a sip, could not bear taste to savour,
Nor its froth his lips to bathe in, let lone for speech,
Poised then by thought, oft-inspired his eyes tether
That a world in past, far worse, never to impeach!

There was once time smoke choke yoke of Earth,
Each atom seeping through water and dust below,
Yet such life continued, and others bitter dearth,
Though the Earth remained in orbit an axis mellow.

True, it's slow by year, and seemed near too tough!
But what of it? The coolest point I bid to share:
If this Earth were flat, I'd expect an ocean chip off
By each strike breaching light, know what dare!

Forthwith laughter dampened the force of wind!
Even whilst other wind began to heap and cheer!
The coolest pint I bid to share was one they binned!
Why? Its foam was enough make glass a broken dear!

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