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For the most quiet whispers in the still of night gave proof the loud meaning that drew tears of snow down Everest’s cheek. Like the smallest pebble to ocean brought, indeed shocks even the mighty mountain mad whose summit heard ran down for one kiss at terrene bossom. Ere warmth to the hundred sought, each lifts but a thousand dear, by evening close come the milions clad. Treks take ground from hence the snow would weep, did give wreaths of white in fair summer shade. At last their ivory tusks drew no more, and like hosts, wailed till silent sun stepped through the shimmering cloak, upon a lingering sight betop were snow and faded breeze – like angels lift and seer whose helm come the souls to steer. Nor spelt are the names that each cloud could line nor a sparkle in their eyes was met, for whose curious mind begot a youth who’d write by spark and vape. Looted by passion and spoilt by reason’s lense, it was but a soothing song of nil, still on hill, till no drill for cradled save would yet be sought. But what of it? even Everest wept by frozen hands touched upon a lowly cloud casting away each hour those tears once made, nor knew what save and pass. Like a snow queen, except pampered by snow, the silence became the loudness that took their loudness to dearth be quiet.

It was as though the cradled victory, now beset a cradle rocking, now drew to ice and delivered each breath where drops of water blessed the sight of those of blueish hue, whose blue blood carried with them over the fluid sky now droops in colour as new attempt for service of victory cheered is now but a feat writ upon the hearts of those who tried, their victory is but halfwork done; if one fails it would be as though the rest of them had failed. For if one snow could not charge, then none can charge as well. These are the perils that draw them near, though a golden light fills their heart and all their meaning a paladium vessel never dimming, nor exhausted. Such meaning found is but happiness greater found. Indeed, even snowdrops grow in the coldest snow whilst such same snow comes one peril, and another’s victory.

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