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I was born to a family of millions. My million brothers. My million sisters too and few in spite of the greatest hardships yet befallen we strive. I was one of those millions.

So soon was it my antlers rose, and this gave proof the first breath I take. Each vibrating echo was the first I heard. Each sight I was given shall be one device I am borne, so it shall be brought to task.

These are the tales of a lonely ant:
Who in striven survival is,
Survival sought enthrills.
These are the tales of a lonely ant:
Who knew what he was,
Though knew not of loss.
So, Lendayem, give him sight,
So breathe words to his light,
Let them sink to ground behold,
Wait; ere sober echoes turn gold.

These were weeks and each was a trip through hills and steam. Overlooking myself, leaf by leaf littered a fallen canopy of drooping petals, upon the driest soil; my feet were walking through coals, with the ember speckled lights darting through the rays above. It was tiresome work carrying to and fro home. It was built generations ago. That would change, as I shall now write how I brought myself to leave:

So sober was the life of ants,
As eat, work, sleep a basest few,
Could not gather life's inner brew,
World of countless wars and choice:
How simple sphere sound complex voice,
You could not bear loud whistles a few,
And then the bedlamps turn fire in hew.
Lendayem, you made him leave soon!
Woven thread hidden, none but He sewn,
Then was meaning in bitter war forsook,
Though it cast hopes high and look:
Our dearest ant departs ere war abrook,
What leaves he laid, now leaves tales ashook.

By brethren! bleeding brought barren battles bleaching buds. Boarish breathing brought bait before better breeds. By bastardised belonging: bespoke baseless beating. By brethren! baseless battles brought breathing bold. By brethren! befriend better: beseech be brought back by bound breathing beloved. But brothers, by boasting bare, by battling by bone by bone, breath by breath, be books by blood be born.

Who could I have fought? My brethren bore twice my size, virile and strong; hearts like a grain of wheat unhulled. But my heart was the germ. It oiled my senses high, whilst my breathing fastened nigh, it was a folly I chose fate to choose me; for I made no choice whose fate I was, nor did I agree what bare my hands be ought resigned. If I die now, I will not have touched friend nor foe and whither I am here and there, I shall be called dishonourable, disagreeable and deserted. If I die later, – oh, so speak my future here! Oh, brethren! I fall to my legs. Bring me back to my mother slut still soldiering sires whilst another departs; for this little one now resigns!

No system rehab took him near,
A gestured thinker come gestered here,
No one noticed his pensive fear,
Even tumbled weed was high in fear.
A bad poet, Lendayem, you are!
Even Milton came guffaw!
Who would read b-b-b-b-b?
And more b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b?
Wasteful words! Wasted muse!
We see now the battle continues,
By brethren! Our dear ant breathes!
Feigned in hopes and yet he lives,
Has he deserted? Is he a warrior?
A warrior without weapons woke;
Wake him, Lendayem. Inform him:
I see you are feigning, so take petals,
Adorn yourself here and march;
Walk steady and do not look back,
Lest by one brother ye be crushed!

This flower touched by ichneomon wasp, hearing their gorgeous buzz and smelling their roxsome scent even brought me twice my size! Though still I was, I walked away. From ground I feigned, came hopes resigned. Mound northward bound that path tethering hearth anew resound bespoke. You could only imagine, this flower, which I call the long tongue orchid, dared its red tongue daren’t should, becoming upon me energy stood, whilst siring muses laughed above; whilst brethren fought till gazing shook. None came my way, nor did harm breach my space, and I climbed – not daring to look even under let lone behind; I couldn’t. Thence, I marched along my way with but this single flower. At whose tongue did my antlers erected by new light shone; my awe then was rudely interrupted! Who is this fellow who pokes my flower and chews it off? At least it wasn’t the other one!

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