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When brought words a chaos arose,
It was in no time that the World arrived,
That cold one never shall miss,
One comes two, then another breathes;
It was still and mute, all eyes part,
Stood upon hollow discs, steps heard,
When each heart paces, all steps heard;
Gazes swept by eye - like daggers thrown:
It became me sober, a heart's trembling,
My rhythm fading till strings ne plucked,
A stutter my voice, a twist my tongue,
Could not fathom where I was or who,
Though still a judgment leaps far below,
Creased through pride were bouts decreed,
Who swore by hearth on light - now dotted,
Better yet I have chaos by step and throw
Than chaos within such gazes would throw!
Such ropes tangled vein, World, God:
It was never enough to leap as said.