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Looming through the concrete was dry,
It cracked and all eyes summed, appear,
At but cool touch how smooth was bore,
Looked yond his touch of veins shrinking,
An eye peering, all brows drooping bold,
Who breathes neath the Sun's worth fell?
Observe such slow cars passing gone,
One would dry wheels at warmer set
Whence tears would gape ere their fall,
How brings you this place so clouds tear?
If all be took then why not, so you are!
How smiled you best, then cool a skin,
Whence each man smiles yet suffers,
Alas could not fathom n'other so beau,
Then it be two, if permitting scales charm,
When chance would come you bite!

When all shall come, it would be soft,
Relish an eye, turn a mind and see:
How brewed your smile turned away,
Then walked from coldest floor resign,
Looped by wings of shade deigned half,
Last were sighs, in what highs you had!
So tucked the flesh in greater cold,
Such a walk befell ye now so bold,
How smiled you best, then cool a skin,
When breathes lone, fire erupts.
Looming through the concrete dry,
It cracked, and all eyes soon dispersed.
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