Home ยป Of Breath the First and Last
So, irony beget ye ignorance shame,
Cool ego brought, moon ne dispel,
Brute an answer, swooned his soul,
Cool forgo fought; averance named,
So, by phony tests is their muster deed:
By run or won defeat bails name to near,
Nor tears broke they trip thee so dear,
Nor tears lack they dry life ghast yea near,
Yet by path tread is a mile they bring bold,
Whose sleep is wrought to void nay persists,
Loop round your block, steady pant is here!
Though tired, drained, leaps air once more,
Ne judge, nor quiz; but each is to and fro,
As all sight each shall bear the front of world,
Is as all sight bore the wick droop yoke of world,
Nor mem'ry cools heat by first pants enlarged,
Is as shallow pebbles, rippling by oceans feet,
As kicked a ball, so wings spread all light fell,
Did gave home the breath known first and last.