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Brought by tender walks is come,
Silent was his and all breaths mute,
As eyes caesium encased in glass,
Gave proof silence nay saw low,
As sight open blew his tears,
Gave proof what all is seen,
As sight echoed yea seen:
Why then poison rub eyes?
Whether sight, hand be close,
Can give only Venus such ruddy glow,
As breath no tard for fire fuel enclose, say
I am no blood sans blood thy sight design,
For eyes see much but little words to tell,
Have such gems, rubies, lapis example,
Kept ash so fine, nay ground as diamond fine,
Bitter brewers brought baned bod' better bore,
As drew blood, like on Hussein's cloth,
Bloodwarm cheeks endear, bossed were eyes,
Bailed all sight, lest no pill despair dispel,
Perspective heaved, and rain ne not deny,
Nor is lute and 'tar were there strings so strong,
Ne play song drop tears blind round Venus neck,
As is Neptune conjure such water more,
Gave dry his eyes as brought warm his tears more,
It was second pass, hence is first now read,
Their feet ne not magnets; be bound best,
As cheeks broken yet warm tears they behold,
Made known why such canvas so wept is wet,
Exacted x-ray booned saw bone in shake,
Why, your mask and skin are fibs we then hold,
Zoomed by sight, figure is but tale retold.
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