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Alight, barren muse; borne ye latent spell,
Cool was so far in luck no coup would leak,
As were days yond Mossadegh decried,
Who could not in word ere bare we seek,
As all words bit meaning, so fine and new,
Each word soothed ere its stab laid snare
Cursed on shadow ye lot move ne not fear,
Amongst whom how cool his head, heart warm,
Who knew: may be dismay lark spewed his path,
And on his way, no motion stood but shadow,
Whence all others stood by wall till furore,
As Plato's1 gaze when taled men in chains,
Who could not see upon such lumbering light,
When all figures walked, so too shadows walked,
They preached and desired such shadows afoot,
Till one amongst gave proof their desires afool,
What shadows earnestly in light come blind afoul,
As all comedies laugh and hiss, such men are much:
For such strength they boast as bailed by name,
Can only give wreaths as nailed to the lame,
And as for the one who upon mock and scurry,
Having left the cave befit of wall ye images thin,
As such a phone what new parabel now a wall,
All life in him once lost came through and new;
By every step each beat shone his eyes and wide,
By every step each vein pulsed, he better stood;
Reeled by firm thought the mound he climbed,
Looked yond: his ex-kin's gazes proved a sham,
For theirs to sleep their sleep be come to them,
When first he slept, his sleep came new to him.

  • 1 A reference to Plato’s allegory of the cave
  • 2 Zakh-e-khab means Wounded Sleep in Persian
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