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Laid bare before their eyes was scene of nothing,
Ships that fright the sea till fish shriek, the waves break;
This much caused offence to water.

Laid bare before their eyes was scene of abuse,
Fly, fly away the mind at nature's cool!
A dog would run, feathers ne not bite,
All so new, his hands knew not restraint,
All geese explain; hiss and piss, this one:
This one also escaped, yet by no bite less.
This much caused offence to bystanders.
(So much)

Laid before the stars were lesions made of woe,
Tis the hour rock was struck and traces kept,
The hour was new, so birth was new, 
It leapt as ash was cool. I sent pictures back.
No ash, just the result; no cause, just effect.
This much caused offence to ash itself.

Laid before the pages were words of yore,
How passing a time when time was naught!
I read the Quran backwards, so it cannot be!
All vowels a contrary sound whispered bore;
A cool mist was brought, my eyes trembled.
This caused offence to neurotic Muslims.

Laid before the Earth were stars and planets,
They could not hear your wildest cry how true,
Nor whispers you feign what reason bear,
Breached by light, one knew not such light,
How stars be seen, how planets be beamed,
Yet darkness kept, oh darkness wept!
How conflicting a man in sheltered dark,
Whilst peered through in soothing light,
Must we be so in conflict with ourselves
That all reality come dismay as all be fall.
This caused some kind of offence.
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