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Once I walked past a man promised:
Got was wish now you promise,
“So wish the trillions, I shall give it”. I wished.
So give an hour back, I shall give it.” I wished.
“Now wish for the stars, I shall give it.” I wished.
More I wished, and more I partook.
At last I wished the world be pearl,
Enclosed within my oystered palms,
Enclosed within one warm palm and one cold,
Soon I asked who would wish for,
Now all is got my copper spoilt,
“But have you named each wish and counted them yet?”

Then I looked round all the riches and the dark above, and soon looked below my palm and found only a world within. Out of envy for all the love they had, I crushed it with all hatred I had.

Weeping and kneeling none a sob hear,
And only my wishes were company lest they fled,
So soon I walked through abyss in dark aghast another; n
Not even the Sun, for that too was now a mere candle
Wilfully I with single breath had now extinguished.
Even Neptune’s ice with all its wind could not withstand I
Had ere my warmth shall melt its sobering howls.
No noise had rose, no breath was fraught.
Right and then left, I destroyed all, but not myself.
Then soon I wished it all undone and gave all,
Thrown back my way my stones and pearls bruised,
So approached my lies of woe, lay lines of so;
He declared what my happiness was at first wish,
What happiness lost at the last wish,
All it was waxed now gave proof a lonely charm,
A first had lost, now grieved in shading tears,
A world was lost, though grew near in hazel fears.