Home ยป As Union
Whether fire nor whether void;
Nor whether land nor hither sea,
Nor warm ne night nor cool be day,
Such hands lied as all digits raised,
Held by casp of two came three,
Hung by criese of one feigned three,
I continue to firmly believe as One,
As the Moon held on his Right,
By the Sun held by hand his Left,
Whilst the former shadow cast away,
Breathed waves on Leopard's way,
As all rock and field gave barren light,
Became itself a muted glass fainted snow,
Dispersed upon itself as new came light,
Gave heart the upteenth way once donned,
Yclad the blemished rose so faint and few,
Whose thorns ye poison carry stung rare,
Could not but fade colour beauty rose care,
So are your tears on falling glass shards torn?
These are the shards you bore when you lived,
Now continue to believe in what you will,
As all things free and beau come is meaning,
Where such light in ye could not  undo its broke,
Made all a second a million prayers as union come.

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