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So walked were one amongst many an eve,
As all noon gave proof ere sun's mere respite,
Grew was noon as hours threw its moon,
Looped in white were darks fore loomed,
Bruised in sight were eyes of flooded dew,
So asked was John the Beggar teared:
Spare me change! Oh, such change be had;
Bare him change! Oh, much change be had:
But why amongst such eyes wild and sombre,
Of such eyes torn and teared by grief ere brief,
By loop and crease such brief in peace!
Why then, you ask of what others can give;
Lord, blessed are those who have never seen,
Nor never heard, nor never spoke
Yet continue to believe in You, ever walking,
We are the walking steps of stars in shadow,
Then I claim that all I have but ought to give
Is ne 'nough but ought to give. Whilst is more,
I have seen the porsche and borsch in receipt,
Yet I could breathe the gold and the bold in heave,
You have stood and have looked and never brewed,
So give thanks, Reader, that those brought ere locke
Art those that give soil it's flattest height, it's finest weight,
And all the gold mistook were once the rock they walked,
Then the taught waltz into rooms of so-feigned knew,
Then claim the master this; oh, the Lord is almighty:
So first was so, nor second was so, nor third and forth,
Bring more and hence breathe better glow and blow,
If it be my brief so ne grief be new. If not, so breath be few!

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