Home ยป What was that sober song?
Days of yore reminded my smoking till hollow wept,
Ah yes, that hollow dark was weeping nope and nope,
From dope to dope it kept till tina and mandy rang,
Then they blew me and I kept my word till then,
So all the years blew me fast and there I was:
Still the same height, dick and breath; toughed of heart,
Noon would call, though no difference of mine made,
Heard on boarish chats baked online or else offline,
Cool was my heat and hot was my cold, all else grew;
I forgot all I was and my friends and whom I spoke,
Whomever spoke and said they knew me, I would not know,
I did not know. I had not known. I grew lone and boned.
Ere brought was summised tale ye youth ye brought;
So brewed were none ere cast was none, my heart desire.
All I knew walked past and all held screeled dared behind,
Beckoned was all and be forth was none, none knew more.
So Muses yore, bearwith my sober song bitter bore,
Who was it then that brought me from long to son?
That I am life so brief not my grief wrought ne tell more?
These are such steps I knew long before ere more is brought,
And those regrets were none; God remained as I believed,
Then even darkness befell me, no darkness befell my heart.
These were the tales of strength and resilience so he said,
Those decades of people observing now gone to furore,
All said was all but gained and all but loved was all but had,
So boon was his hat befall as all smiles in memory come grey.
These were the hats that walked in desolate path he walked,
Till whence the Muses wept those trees gave light to song.
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