Home ยป Pagni the Fox and Gharbi the Bird
You have stumbled upon these words of woe,
Nor Jupiter, nor Pluto; all silence in tears,
Breathed upon the light of space, as all things,
Cast thy time till blood dispel is wrought,
Oh, Human, what memories have it as ye?
What tears are those you sought and knew?
My tears are endless and much whence brewed,
That was how my river formed, and then I left,
Brought was new and cool was moon that drew,
How beautiful it was such a valley now grew brew,
Beau, it could have donned the decree of Venus;
Or as structure have, my decree of Mecca besought,
Cool were days of yore, and hot are days of more,
This much Pagni knew, how bright his eyes stood.
Oh, Lord, these are the times where Bird and Fox met,
Where once the fox lent his eye by forest at noon,
A bird stood by lingering cool river his wings thus spread,
Cool were streams of eve and the sun still shone as rain knew,
Cool were tears of moon as sun have it by amber fall,
This bruised sight of Pagni the Fox, this all knew;
Ghast by his hunger made claim to Gharbi the Bird,
Ere much is wrought so 'rupt his action swift,
Then Gharbi shook and his feathers aback came loose,
Fox, what have it you possess to claim my skin for yours?
I was sat here and made no thought of ye, nor better claim,
You have made 'nough of your claim and so be it!
Ere lo Pagni so wept ere 'rupt his words charm the air:
Feathers beau, eyes so blue, and fur your mane is beau,
Though I am none, my skin were white, I am the loss,
Pity me, and pity my young, take pity mine eyes so tired,
Even whilst drooping oboe sound, my tears be dropped,
Cool are the days of night as all nights of days are cool,
Creased upon me are your feathers how fettered boon!
I am that clock never sleeping, nor am I cheering halt,
I see all that is but come and go as I wander sound kept-
Meaning? Are you releasing my feathers or am I flightless?
You have always been flightless  yet this you never knew,
You were given but an allowance to fly and all was counted,
If it were false, you could have flown to space and never died,
If it were false, you could have flown from me and never lied,
If it were false, I would not have run to you and never bide,
But in this crossroads of grave misfortune, I beget a friend,
I have crushed so many hopefuls for appetite so ravenous,
I have lost so many friends to seek my selfish stomach sound,
Their memories swift and sure and sound in memory here,
Their friends and family all have lost, their flesh embodied here,
Their sorrow and dreams all lost and resident come and here,
Have mercy! If it were friends you wanted, why destroy the chance?
So you see the chance of friends yet you choose to weep and kill, Pity!
Oh Lord, these are examples of those you brought in order to Test!

Indeed his heart came round and so the jaws did too,
And as the jaws came round, so did heart come round,
And as the heart came round, so did eyes come round,
Till nerves rattled and drummed despair dispel be loose,
Fly, great despair! For this my friend now first: Gharbi,
And I am from the East who could not understand,
But I wish to befriend, as I cannot breathe without yours,
Trees and plants! If it weren't for you I would not breathe!
So if it weren't for this bird, neither breath nor tears areach,
Then all became me and to Lendayem I recited all this at yore,
For last my breath was short as he trut down streets of night,
Till cumber sought ere lumber brought by wine he bought,
Past the night where all would sleep did breathe a tale as this,
As Pagni and Gharbi so swift and beau, how sound their link,
So chained were these as all hearts dreamt and sleep foretold:
Lord, these are the examples that give proof your influence new.