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If that was the argument yoked, speak:
Oh, this was the hearking bark by beat,
Noon would cool by hestled feat!
My thumb be tucked and soothed,
Abrazed and leaked of blood is cool,
Atuned by breath and lore be lined,
How borne are the sleepest many,
In the orders seen and hath thought,
Came what forth a reality from nought,
Ere lark is spree is time free and come,
Gave proof their reasons base as thus:
As I have seen by eyes, heard by ears,
I viewed their suffering and devised ears
For much I grieve shall it not be the same.
I am the government that shall resolve,
I am the instrument that seeks to help,
For I am there to solve and ere beguile,
Give wreathes to me, my tribute awry,
So I give the happiness what I shall see,
But yo, I see an edge mine eyes despair:
Those few come many I thought I knew,
Theirs be the despair I am lost for new.