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Not long were windows knocked and wet,
For the sight of clouds beheld kindred two,
Sat apart by couch, lines of comfort brought,
Each tale gave an hour reprieve ere come more,
One tale sobered the dawn; even wind come sober,
Say then, friend, is it then true what you relate,
Grief, sadness upon his fraught tale reeps the tears,
Even the goat's horns would bend downward low,
As flaccid it seemed, no judgement; it shall be spared:
When he travelled once then travelled far more,
It seemed almost naught when the train arrived,
Through a dark open space, a tight breath kept,
Such was the mood, this by drink and vape conceal,
Like a hatched cocoon, such wings shake ere they spread,
Indeed, this recall now gave rise to new experience,
As a prince would have it, all steps at night's behest,
Gave proof his age for tipple's thirst be quenched,
Not long ere Two would invite a double at no cost more,
Smiles were nigh, laughter and all bulges agreed;
Set off as a group back to the home the Two lived.