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You are a bird in the endless breeze,
I admit I was ignorant and then you threw,
How you say a bird at angled flight lay still,
A heart beating by the creased neck and drew
Nectar from the youngest flowers ere stood,
What a bird you had God declared His nimb,
Even whilst your pals in piece are fallen numb,
Your beats then increase as few your art is buzzed,
For such hearts as the cooling fall is erst beguile
Gave sweet its hour on hearth align by night,
Whilst the courters at hearst buzz their height,
So crowned are such their fumes caught ablaze,
And all the world 'came guest their mortal gaze,
But knew not how jailed their hearts had swept,
But knew not the state in which they blew,
So be it all their act and mad is all they knew,
Yet with all they still remained human,
Yet with all their still breathed and blinked,
Then tomorrow would never know their pain,
And then they never knew morrow ere vain.

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