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Their first fall was wondrous,
New nights spelt its metre slow,
Till calming rivers glazed it low,
At hearst come new this flight,
A casting breath caned and tolled,
Stacked on endless saline brew,
Till even moss grew in stubbéd toes,
And then Neptune wept his waters,
Then God wept His nights and days,
Though 'las they quit nor could,
At all moments such wings dried dear,
Or are their legs so mossed be anchored?
Nor have plankton mauved such rose,
Till then limpets come near your prose,
Wept seas by glass and cooling touch,
Kings would envy and not a drop denied,
They read of you then prove all be lied,
Then story yours not a lie but yours,
So glide now and freely pass as you do,
And that fall you had how bittersweet
Is but one flight anew and more flights anew.

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