Home ยป Muted Ephor
By the age of fifteen swept of mind,
On ardent work by eye is hind,
Some ten years of late upon a writ,
Caved his eyes by gallows lit,
Caught by hook the drooped lids,
How eyes spent dug ye phasmids!
Noon would curse then eve may bless,
Who but ye cool such mood redress,
Informed of my sane not thy nadir,
Yet you walked not such miles near,
Who bought such free hopeless folk,
Prescripted lowest highs by yolk
Ere declared them yoke and gleam?
Yet by streets such they roam reaped,
All their hopes kept and feigned, leaped
By choicest justice stored on lips sown,
They approach counsel; mine are sown,
Nor can I speak ill of law, such state kept,
Oh, breathe such a word by tears wept,
Have it then such justice bled tears blind;
Your justice speaks for itself, but bind
Their new found home, so give a light;
Do we not see their eyes by light so right?
I am the tongue unturned, whilst eyes swoon,
By horn sounded it was theirs that booned,
Then ye accuse all theirs a shriek of lo,
Whilst all are drunk by unheard words fro:
These are but new ways they are smiled off,
As all droves are lit, theirs be beacons hoff.

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