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O Reader, most valued and ardent reader,
I persuade thee abandon for a while a time,
Now are those books and reads you kindle,
How soothing a night's bustle too fundle,
O looping strings of York and glow: sing,
Such muses hearth as calm to free,
Only bring hairs down ears of yore,
As I cooled its spell, no more is ink cool,
These were the words of one writer,
I knew him well, and he knew me well,
I knew him much as I knew my heart tell,
I saw him leap the hills and creases fold,
As all folds dispel, some few would come repel,
Now he reblled I feigned a light but no dispel,
He creeped and I leaped, but he ne leaped,
Then by fans only cool, it was but only nay,
Nor nay was sought and he better stood,
As all things stood, this much was known,
When half the world would know his worm,
It became a trunk and this trunk did grow,
But by no means was it ugly nor by repulsive;
He lived and kept his breed live by noon,
But how long a trunk erst it grow?
Whence such a folly grew would it now?
Then they bowed by such embers fate,
It became their marriage bough, oh cool!
Then I knew not what it was he fooled.
By benefits reapt and all he wept is cool,
Oh, Lord, you are undertaken by most!
Testing, and Patient, who are these stood?
They know not, but you linger through,
What are these tales you send down here?
Those are the jesters of eve and she spoke,
That is the epitome here and of most, hear:
I could not spell camera bear, fair, at lair,
Nor could I jest your angles how so bare,
Then all it is you are, dear friend! What life;
To have no past, present nor future,
But a figure to scroll past as all pixels led,
Nor past nor future, but wanked over yond,
How trees naked themselves, O Lord is new,
And Lord cool is new. Yet by centuries fought,
Are but your survival caught, and is nought;
So Sun is brought and fire is bought; he loop,
And that is the way, to no end at all you coup;
The rivers flow, nor ashes brought; nor smoke;
O Lord, how easy a life, so easy a tale is brought.
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