Home ยป Christened Leaf
Breathed upon its head were ripples moved,
I am tender as the branch sunk in lairs,
The hours were long and dare I say how long;
Each morn beckoned huff and puff alight,
As all nests grew wary of fog by dim sublime,
Wanton cool by rain did swoon the twigs awry,
Even eyes peered as such hatchlings breath denied,
Those drops of dew, mixed in stuffs be fed,
Had leapt from beak till leak of Earth reside,
Fell upon its brow were yawning yokes yond,
Cool by your wrinkled frown, how new it seemed,
As all cars below would hum, drive past, no bore;
So fall I spell a twig upon twig by leaf dispel,
Make nude this tree, all humility given indeed,
By all same the pond below now stood
Are but ripples again its head now moved.
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