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How browed a trickled drop had lain 
On pricks of drops that rain would dye 
We looked and saw as folly as a perv, 
Gulped in wreaths excess cool by leave
Looped round a neck is shame by fur,
Of such fur by warmth! such an aura:
Relished by bags of goods of bargains
Idyllic their gain, hazard their bulk,
O swoon then, these lot wave tsunami!
Untowards by such a smile barren,
Stole by lingering cage are eyes in fog,
Tooting by chatter, such elegance rebuff!
How then, see the pauper: weep you do?
Or are our wallets grown by heel prisoner?
Sullied and creased such leather permit,
Endless muse what given for naught for you,
We have seen little, no smile  nor their sleep 
Hapless their choice, those ye call tramp!
O horrid, by lidless few that offer but hope:
Hope, that Lendayem writes to learn,
At such streets sown by some fanatic
Vesanus their want till Earth no more, 
Enter their lives, hear a tale they err,
Gone by helpless feet; such feet bare,
If you had what change or pence in net,
Vanished by this card, spare this lieu,
Even smile, by eyes give, and ears hear,
Nor forget their eyes whilst yours resign.
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