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So cosy is barth my hearth beneath,
Thrown some multi- die and noon sat,
So rosy is laugh my wrath in teeth,
As they chip and file my gums bleed,
O wrists! How can they test on me,
When no cool juice is so new: breed,
O look, I am the jester sung and free!
Well leapt, and pounced are throats,
They couped their tongues and fell,
All chairs were fleeting airs of woe,
O how cool were the chappy boats
Of strung wrung high aghast il-layl,
I bore my bashful laugh, eclipse lo!
They turn and they knew their laugh!
O Diana, such angels with eyes raged,
They look right and left nor abough!
Are these eyes so sulked and weleded
Then they still laugh as is time allow,
Even as years spat at me since noon,
By the barred windows and booed,
Now they come no more, is no more!
My rhythm to waste is spent, oof!
How true were the silent songs souped,
Nuke and tuck the art ye walk and sip,
That cherished lot of amish thrown,
They're by resident others crowned,
Whilst poor me! laugh O will you!
Do mock me! What horns it brings!
Do not sulk, I am not one ye sulk!
May your finest throw their finest!
Now hoop their brows and lashes!
Cook my worth and bake till ash!
So looped by stringed tears, pity!
They cooled my neck even sheets!
How cool the tears, as my hairs leave!
Like Homer, as that Simpson knew!
Yet by Brits they knew him too well,
Those Yanks knew him too well!
The lot would laugh with him, 
But we would laugh at him!
Now are the chipping woods of hour,
How blessed are particles light seen,
Then the broth of fortune wept,
As those ripples escaped their host,
And all drops fell on her heels aback,
Then the chosen night cast away,
By yoke of morn cooled such heat,
Then no shadow by lot be seen,
And from shame my flop is gone!
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