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All Great Names to God, First and Last,
We have not forgotten You yea fast,
It came so slow to groan at lidless noon,
These are the jarring days torn soon,
Then every girl and child would walk
Lest in earn'st light would not talk,
But we don't know, yet you do know!
Just as a walk through woods endow,
This path then glistened and all fade,
These are the walls of light we laid,
O Lord, these are no longer woods,
And they see through as mere woulds,
Those living, the perfection sought,
The laughter and gaffaw is ought,
Such teeth could not Moon replace,
Would they, and their eyes dare place
Upon the coolest person sync with all,
Sync with You, and this World a call
In all its pursuit of ash unborn furore.
Even by such thespian verse in law
Could not spell reason at hearth in thaw,
So look within yourself, the reflection first,
Is it not so your inner self has meaning first?
Or are we blind and deaf, muted to thirst,
That each day is but passing, and you cursed?
Then no sea nor word can give a chat of hope,
On this day of evergreen beau of graced rope,
Thinkst you cursed by this? Nay, it is testing,
And the lark still hums, each sun be wresting,
Then you abate this chest with your calls,
No harp then fall, nor mirror befalls,
This night by you that God permits grace
Is the first of many, and He knows at pace.