Home ยป When she said
So, look far and needless say it naught,
Brought ere is here our sombre tale,
Whose wit cast lidless spree far got,
How bested the hawks then bail,
Now silent our cheeks of burnt red,
Such blood pooled by paleish folk,
Upon their brow in sadness led,
Aghast was he whom injected yolk,
By terms of spring can no egg esteem,
O Lord, are these then the sires gone,
Who knew then, what cast to redeem?
On the nature here, my bitter done;
When she spoke such words heinous free,
Then bored mine eyes in erst to flee,
Who could jeer then my hapless state,
Of no knowledge; I have no knowledge.
How I plead for it given, but not by late,
Then I felt more in me my fluids on edge,
And when I took stake upon her breast,
She only stood still, and all wings fall;
No noise to sue, nor eye to jest,
Like hapless sirens upon their lull,
As all men fade till wave and wrest.
I became one, and I fell for it all,
So I gave likewise, in secret wept.