Home ยป Such a Glorious Knight
Private or no is such a public day,
As gripped his noose as it rides,
Nor splendour spell a name as noon,
When every chick would kiss it divine,
That was the story of how born he was,
And gave proof the Moon its delish night,
And even the Sun would envy, why not!
So speckled is a canvas space, no denial!
A week is but a minute's pose of fight,
And he did fight, as brilliantly sold is gold,
Nor is sugar the least, as all food may have,
Then no girl deny what a mass he acquired,
Nor never subject what they did in bed,
Ah, but such a twist of fate is this!
He never told them that he suffered so,
And he certainly never prayed to God,
Oh Lord, who is this knight I'm to tell?
What youth has past, and all wrinkles show?
To have said he was fine, if not so fine,
Then gave his finest words at lack sight,
Or would it be false iris such world had,
The news and the chats; all so, so false,
Then give the first man to lay bare a word,
When he told this poor man he suffered,
That was when he cringed and stood left,
Then it was at heaven's tear he left lone,
What tears you brought soak such sheets,
In more what come you never thought!
But then were his angels daring a walk!
So step your foot through hot iron,
Let be your strength prove to God,
Or to the countless media you esteem!
What difference, if all you seek is fame?
That mansio, such a kiosk of marble,
And the finest pools you womanise 
Even water would envy your steps!
Then age will kiss such hole and ear,
Having laid here few months bare,
Your flesh could not have seeped!
And our talks were of great suffice!
That you never told, nor never felt,
Then you bottled, and tsunami poured,
You wept and none would hear to tell,
For what you told is for none to hear!
So such knights you bred bear you,
They have wept and they rekindle you,
Then you continue the legacy - so forth,
If Venus could pity you, she'd give twice,
And I'm no soothsayer to solicit you!
So I carry you forth, poor lost flesh,
And your soul far from me is out,
Like each lamp I walked, dimmed shut.

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