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Phrase me a while by token speak,
Is leaping crawl if none so weak
So are you those steps walked,
Put to us on shelf no news to you,
That it is cult and fro our ways,
And all the fans, gazing starlit,
Whilst you doting, observant
Had creased such eyes wrinkled
Then all see such sight what felt,
Yet they try on you such enquiry,
You said 'lil, though acted much,
How cool your gaze, sweet a tone,
No height esteems you, nor hair afray,
Then they cast you; who wouldn't?
So on your way by turtles reach,
As a shell encased round you hard,
That all the world comes a phase,
Each hour and the peoples pass,
As all cars drove, such shades throw,
Then by night such thought you gave,
How still your pose and all ignore,
Nor fame, nor so lame, I deduce,
So now call name 'anticulture',
Not of Man, nor culture here,
You are your culture thine,
So why seek counsel if all save?
I give no answer, only guides,
But I give none as you encase,
So give an eye to stars embossed,
How lone they shine, much esteemed,
We name them! Each and every,
Nor do we talk to them,
Except for Einstein - he's a bother!
So, here you wanted to be dust,
But did you not realise your claim?
Each of us either clusters or lones,
But in the end, you'll form part of it,
That is how from angle's spread,
You, and I from the side are shone.
I charge you for free, on condition here:
March, rebel, ne rent no fake light!
Be a white hole, or be the black hole.
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