Home ยป In Recess of Heart

A man walked one night thinking about what to do once he got back home. He couldn’t wait to find comfort in the privacy of his home: no judgement, no anxiety, no people, no disturbance. In this home, ere thus became his world then dawned the life he ought to live. In some ways, it was valuable to him; this marvel he call a home and all was there, how he wanted it and where.

Though so soon he stopped to think, not knowing where to go. Whether right or left, forward and back, it made no difference. Here, in the darkest night where even the stars could count every breath he took since leaving. But he ought be scolding them for time allowed in waste that he can never deserve. As time was both ally and foe, it made no difference what cast him to the shadow once he knew. Thoughts of enjoying company with others soon dispelled into inner thoughts of loneliness that prolong his state of exile from those closest as he afar from them came closer the road depart.

Originally written 22/07/2018

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