Home ยป Returning
And all the miles between them grew,
So it be done.
When linger thwart is hither sought,
That now is lost.
As a pair looped by fin, tail, breath,
Soothed. Calm. Mute.
Swum through what cool is sea,
But too warm,
Nor parting, would hearts break,
Lest too easy,
If all things, row them all a line,
Too much to tell,
And stone the pair! what parts them?
Tis but rock parting,
Last they swum, wounded of heart,
O pity, pity,
Now are their fins drooping, flowing,
Such eyes glow,
Such eyes now glowing, wide and fair,
All too deep,
As the sea rolled and pearls give envy,
So much envy,
Such formed eyes from birth hath seen,
All too much,
Yet have seen and yet have believed,
Be blessed be.
And who are we, my pearl scaled fin?
The ones returning.

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