Home ยป 64 Strands of Wrung String
Along the way I picked each string,
With each string I held as I walked,
The open path before me no sun set,
No moon to call my name yond across,
Just a road that I ought to walk,
I didn't have much on me, just string;
For every mile I stretched was come more,
For every mile I lost was string then lost,
To dive through the deepest waters this road;
This road asks in silent whispers my truth,
For I hold the strings as I wind them,
Whether wet or dry, I shall still continue,
I walk through each chapter of my life no return,
Let my book fall into a sea of ink in high despair,
For no dolphin can swim without a burst through air,
With each jug of happiness my life beholds
My soul drinks from whence my ailed heart ere folds
In two; one for you, one for night so new,
So after three days with but eight hours sleep
I gave each step an hour remembered more.
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