Stones through the Light

Walk away and never turn back the notes when I say their ink are but colours of unseen before mine eyes can eat the words with tearing face. Imagine his kneeling before the drum of the sun beating then all come mute when no sound can utter the ache that trembles. He had to become evil. He had to leave everyone. He suddenly never appeared to himself so good as to God forsake. He read a letter from himself when he slowly transformed into the darkness and wanton sought his id to bigger fright in meagre sounds he makes: weeping. It’s just that he can’t weep; he used up all his tears. Read More

Burn a Petal

Don’t let it get to you, dear;
It is but only fear;
Let the past swim by you fair
These memories gone to taste,
Soon shall fade into the dark. Read More


Oh, glory to the well and able,
Those who say are just ‘fine’,
Amidst all those texts to table
Dare then to say they are fine.
Oh, irony to lick the arse of fools
Is muted haste for art to dine,
Whether fine or not, these bools
With which we cast ourselves
Shall never cry mercy for fools,
For they see the true innings delve
Before they’re conjured. Glory few
Those able to truly admit their taste,
So given this taste of irony now drew. Read More

Brother Mandrake

As still as light he slept so sound, within his skin lay creases rough. His hair finely cropped soon shoot leaves forth. His demon was human. His beginning was nigh. In a cage he slept, in noiseless feud in utter silence kept, may never once again breathe his last; it was never begun as all his dreams turn to ash. Whilst I walked through room and room, in mazes gone and darkness brought, mine eyes beheld my brother in utter sleep diminishing from what I once knew into a figure within the cage wherein he slept. So soon I recall he began to shrink and with time erased so soon, so fervent can last his eyes to never open again lest cries adorn shall forsake our dearest mandrake beheld. Read More

All the Faded Glass

In utter disgust she could only tell,
This mirror her weapon lest she fell
Soon whispered the light in meagre rays,
Nor could she see herself in another way,
The damage was done. All the shards flew.
Her object of worth this glass she threw;
Ere the mirror froze so soon it cracked,
And the glass well struck soon came back
In quiet tones of sound no ear forget,
Lest thrown from room to room to set
Her heart in agony yet still in love,
All the oxytocin and endorphins above
Her waist soon bled in veins to pierce, Read More


Though his past had come too soon:
These walls once he knew grew with time,
The lamp shades cast a mirror of doubt so few
And never did his clock once stop to watch.
The night mingled in fear and in angst,
Music and respite mingled his thoughts too late
Where enemies long past soon took up arms against,
And with haste had his ego with thought intense,
Could sooner have destroyed him without future regained;
This man art I spell his name once for love and hate,
I cannot for the life of me come to you so late,
That I shall bestow Freedom for all who art return, Read More


And at the darkest gloom was holy night,
At the longing thought was all but shade,
In the bitter wake he comes but snares,
In bitter tale he could hardly weep,
And in the salty tears, there was only thought,
But in only thought, only gloom despaired,
Though gloom was known his heart can tell,
Once known before was now in doubt,
As though it were a dream foretold,
In more he dreamt was now nightmare,
Though less he slept more he dreamt,
So dark his thoughts he cannot tell,
So wise his heart who knew what knew,
When man comes here, a man calms down,
Thus when he slept the world comes near,
So when he dies there shall be peace.