Simple Snap

But a camera's lens like magic,
What he once shot at one snap,
Soon became mystery at its max;
Though it appears half the world,
Beneath the lens remains the rest,
And though hundred years pass,
So rust beget the faded grey fast,
Nor are the people herein alive,
But memories shall soon reside.
Yet listening of heart fools deny,
They idolise the captured time,
And think how wondrous then!
Their lives so simple and free,
Like counting one, two and three,
Why now do we count ad infinitum?
Yes'- eerily 'twas'- sorry'- he:
This editor with haughty flash,
With a fine Chanel soon a room dispels,
Now are the gracéd few stayed to hear,
Of his youth and now explains this snap,
Which now he calls his deepest regret.

Bitter March

I, the Duke, from Brunswick hail,

Have marched lone yet never sail

In emotions sought; thus I cease;

Then comes my being hence at peace.

A bayonet I sharpen twice,

Whom no light fails to sap its vice,

May our guns be loaded. Twice.

When time allows is gifted vice;

They felled our French brethren royal,

Now who can sing ought be loyal?

Yet web of ties bears no loose ties,

Silked and perfect, no end in sight,

I go a task wherewith I signed,

That city’s mixéd air we find,

This ‘republic’ ye call splendour

Is nothing more than one turned sour.

So this be real as what we’ll teach,

Than see them goad a hollow leech,

Swift they assembl’ I can’t deny,

Our trinkets rouse, including mine!

Shake the muskets with all your will;

One comes more ill when sees the ill,

So shut the feelings, thoughts and fire!

So ere we win: French sons we sire!

We’ll marble place for bricks replace

Venus Temple of Austr’an face,

Lend more wine for one finer night;

She gives us now a bitter light.

War and Honour

Honour that he lost shall thus be gained,
Ere halt his steed shall rise again,
Whispers of hallowed name are spelt,
Swords now drawn thy foes now dealt,
More null than keep in heaven’s weep,
Ere much he says in less words to keep,
Yearlings too mute to speak word for fear
Our survivor in the yolk must stand so near.
Hours now the breaths you long to take,
Still keep in meagre sight lest art so fake
Shall time thy heart for actions all too well,
Lest thine heart in action is wrought to swell,
Move the moon from noon ere moon is boon,
Motion for new ways can never be so soon,
Onward now for honour’s pass in bitter waste,
Never return unless war has been your taste.


Oh, oh, our Earth is in little known space,
The lesser of two evils within blue and land,
ALAS, the night so grown is but bitter,
Glory of Earth is our darling of the Sun,
This muse who says there’s no number on Earth,
A little song I can with battle in haste by word,
Delight in sombre, in coldness, in darkness, he came,
The avofaunal triumphs shall together away but fade.
The humans; he and she, shall banish all hate and love,
All hate and love indeed giv’n, giv’n in more the air,
You, whom we shall name as sum of pains and pleasures known.
Withstood are honours and passions through this we ere
Say are but music for challenges known are better grown,
Till all things known are slowly piled into utmost calm.
To vanish from eye of foreign vessel or mutual fair,
Given my faith to thee, shall serve and better part.

Passage from China

Nor did Zhanji knew from reading here,
At least in mountains thrown as clear
Come forth the wind to keep him still,
The glistening water ne brought ill,
How now his favoured eunuchs declare,
Far now are but miles left to dare,
These simple words they spoke so hollow,
Can only lead to death if not so sorrow,
Then turned to counsel these men he call,
‘Las that had no means to man recall,
For since young had from honour taken,


But Maker not so humble,
With which shall fall to crumble,
And be ought to start with flesh,
His sand that forms the mesh,

Casts him away distant and free,
Breathes life anew ere long he flee,
Hears his name for first ere forget,
Lasts while but changed lest in regret,

Whence learns to walk, learns to talk,
Hence yearns to bond, bears to sulk,
This life a spiked drink to drink
Where but ne walks towards brink,

Of war and peace

When good James sat for a drink,
All he ever wanted was a drink,
So quiet and smooth was the hour,
There stood nothing but silence that hour,
It brought him still thoughts in way,
At no instant did nothing rouse in harm’s way,
But an hour is an hour, and do time’s change!
That another man by name Ronald come to change
The slow and quietness that tranquil stood,
In loud laughter and cheer the crowd stood,
The peace and quiet once it were had gone,
So long was it that James noticed not had gone,

But the waves

Relished upon the shores he saw,
Found upon himself dare to soar,
Listens yonder the language heard,
A distant call beckoning a bird,
The sound it soothes the ears,
This sound the rock ye fears,
However it bonds so little,
Slowly just the ship moves,
The waves move it. Only.
The wreck that transport afar,

Scope of Illusion

We will bury downwards to the core,
As though all reality once thought in awe,
In much brilliance had we once to please,
As such this world the joy we increase,
How long more to continue our oath and pledge?
Now comes the honest tale we utter to fetch,
That now we the disappointed soon leave,
Casts ourselves a shadow thought to heave,
To slowly we descend into the Earth,