Of the peak at the mountain stops,
My heart so wild it grows cold awry,
These words I knew but never so few,
The gambling sop mine ehre this knew,
Who, of who, could never this low is due
For hunger of tears my thirst is through,
These hearts I once so, so knelt abide,
Can never watch my dearest climb so deep,
Into the chasm from which the heathen falls,
Mine art so few can never come to fall.
Let night come, my dearest Gretel, let come
Tears of holy night my death is surely missed.
This man; this man I ought I am, is sorely here,
Sister of mine, for long I sought in slumber keep,
Kneels before the lonely moon, this bitter man I am,
Who, of who, could never my art disdain,

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Silent night

But in honours the star they reach,
Sure made their children to teach,
Once it sparkles so did their eyes,
Then to a father they rise,
His minutes the hours the minutes his,
There stands outside and walking this
Man who knew not where to sight,
Beheld cranberries soaked in light,
For his half and children poured,
Stops short his breath; tears soared,
Passes the mulled wine their holy ester,
Is not what he’d dream have in Leicester, Read More

Herself to bear

But woman, tis not so easy and free,
The choice to make is not thine to make,
Nor of mine but recourse to Nature;
And we ought to start with us:

That in life as is bound left and right,
Nor is tranquil towards day nor night
As the gales uproot the trees in force,
Though still these trees just grew,
Though still the Earth motions anew;
Alas, where is the reason in all this?
None, for it was simply as such made,
Gone, was it not I who this did bade, Read More

But life

How soothing is the evening this we may,
Now sings and stands there beheld a way
So fair is our life for never in disarray,
Alas, mine only guilt for pleasure at bay
Baptises mine happiness a means to say:
Knights me with all I wield to bed I lay:

And knowing, and realising, nor my rest,
So while I stand and walk shall at best
Continue. In this, I relish caution, lest
Overwhelmed, but impact greater in haste
That I shall look back never long I test: Read More

Carrying Her to Earth

I plead for all my life to carry,
As carried myself to heaven’s due,
But never carrying the burden here,
For that I shall surely be under way,
For that I am sure to be walked there,
Soon finds a grip to stand and walk.

Sooner my darling dearest, oh adorned;
How I shall treat if not my hand to treat,
Though better I shall deliver to heal,
As healed my heart whilst thy life fades,
For at the beacon of hope there still remains. Read More

Challenge to Reason

Alas this of the sciences before long,
Signals devastating consequences of those in pursuit,
That those pursued the numbers be the monsters,
For practical as they are the interpreters are worse the same,
For thy conclusion do transform this way,
Before my eyes hail this success you boast to have; Read More