Noble Man – IV

In the while I was living was near,
A subtle word spoken but not found,
Single steps taken but thus far gone,
But then it came to me in single sleep,
A figure ne in clouds nor by light,
Was There; was Here; Ephereal, Silent;
Do I not say His Name and not tremble?
And He knows all the pain I had went through,
And He hears all the words I never spoke,
That shall my erst clipped wings be made again,
That neither redbull nor coke can restore,
Walks through the several rooms world-laden,
Each and ev’ry eth’real metre thought,
Then His hopes and dreams me long sought,
Ne not His presence was my fear described,
He dances through, reappearing all round,
My head dazzled by neither logic nor spark,
How can I live a life so simple, free?

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The rabbit says

A number echoes through the window,
Then suddenly it lapses to degree,
But zero the number is not so,
As it dances, suddenly it leaps;
Then we rise from null to full,
There our zero becomes an eight,
Once it stirs we find ourselves,
Taps gently onto the edges known, Read More

His road to walk

Weeping, going, so far alone,
Although, but noon, so lost from hearth;
Besought and fought, for heart contained,
Walked, ran but find; lest null be known,
Ere brought; erelong fair silence here,
Alighting from the station hence,
Imbuing self with light to clear,
Who wished and thought his gains be had. Read More

Great dealings

If shook but never leave,
Gulps a blood fair poison,
Boils another, ah a world;
To have shunned mine, nay;
For yonder fall, to fall,
Wishes an escape from here,
Alas no sight beaut here, Read More

We and Motion

Where I am Born, there I shall Die,
I know Wrong that I have done Right,
Give Justice for none mine Resolved,
Corporeal world one percent,
That night the most beautiful time,
For humanity economic animals be,
Lest they be the greatest joke in history;
Nay, for it is as fact so we speak,
All humans are born social animals,
As we communicate freely and motion freely,
Thus, we do unto others how they shall unto us.

I got a plan
That 2 a plan
if x = 3 then worship
rose but love the way
sound the love exactly.