There’s a loudspeaker in my head,
I’ll draw a circle through the sky,
Mine eyes stealing more eyes to see,
My silence corrupt and so, so cruel,
I’ll walk away into the deafening dark,
This mind that talks, these voices go,
No world is greater comfort than mine,
A step to take but an echo miles away,
For a moment before me everyone went,
For a minute just nothing but a pause,
A loudspeaker is all I need: a voice,
Give me hundreds and who would listen?
Smiles around but nothing behind,
The light that has lost its touch,
I’d rather wander through abyss alone,
A loudspeaker in my head is yelling,
Who curls up through the deepest woods,
Who looks up to the moon and sees nawt,
Sees himself within the dark: recoils.

Man’s musest isle

Here my deigns so struck but isn’t one too soon,
Who would be man but without their torments,
This walking dead that we call life,
I’m not light nor am I so dark,
Isn’t the sun too bright I’ll dim for a while,
Isn’t the moon too dark but I too am darker,
No, just walk along and I’ll be day.
My wrists twisted from words and ill thought,
This soothing sound of inner realm unheard,
Provide me reason to give you a thought too low,
All the moons destroyed and I alone,
A sun bearing but small flame is mine,
This simple blessing so easy to take,
Yet so easy to forget, let me sigh and drink,
Then slowly thought again that then became him man.

And never

From a slow night he thought to wander,
Was all but thoughts his heart to race,
Thus with little only brought to wonder,
And never faster, and never sought at pace,
Cast away a faint shadow of him borrowed,
And never dims to fall, but only besought,
A flesh that breeches a darkling burrowed,
Sang of past and present and future sought,
He’ll think for the paths he took again,
Nor mirror to tell neither a fool to get,
Mighty his heart but slowly goes against, Read More

Noble Man – IV

In the while I was living was near,
A subtle word spoken but not found,
Single steps taken but thus far gone,
But then it came to me in single sleep,
A figure ne in clouds nor by light,
Was There; was Here; Ephereal, Silent;
Do I not say His Name and not tremble?
And He knows all the pain I had went through,
And He hears all the words I never spoke,
That shall my erst clipped wings be made again,
That neither redbull nor coke can restore,
Walks through the several rooms world-laden,
Each and ev’ry eth’real metre thought,
Then His hopes and dreams me long sought,
Ne not His presence was my fear described,
He dances through, reappearing all round,
My head dazzled by neither logic nor spark,
How can I live a life so simple, free?

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Home again

Then the seas sunk down below,
Was land that past slowly brewed,
Thrown beneath the sand was water,
Cast aside was the Sun beneath,
Aside the gest is wind dancing,
In black of night nor heat felt,
The chill that freezes a bone,
Is but heart that gentle glows,
A land so far from him is near,
Will sail forth to all the end, Read More


Then he’s suddenly going along,
But we’re halfway to nowhere,
There’s only a long walk to go,
Then I’m making the way somewhere,
It’s just a while, oh how long.

But then I’m finding myself gone,
There’s no reflection of sea,
My eyes show no rivers to swim in,
The sea is breathing me to ye,
There’s the silent gaze long done.

Not myself but still I follow on,
How I thought to bear thy life oft,
There many a day a night to show,
Is but one a choice is none left,
Cannot move on lest there’s nothing on.

There’s a sky that me spells,
Asunder is me without doubt,
Is not the soul that dwells
Beneath it all and then outs,
Sees the world listen to tales.

Sits back down on the bed again,
Now he’s thinking of those gone,
Where they are is suddenly gone,
What he was is not what he is,
Must walk away and leave again.

A man’s only Soliloquy

But it is in passing ere,
Let me set it down now;
For it was in passing here,
The song that set me down,
Then bestowed itself at will,
The trust that I am is nigh
Shall feel me again in peril,
Is not the way but none so high,
Am not lost for I am the light,
What way yond is fought nor why;
In better voice is none to fight,
Is bled but is not the blade to hire,
Whence long have I sat ere the fire, Read More