Within the Widest Space

To envy the past for what it is,
For better nor for worse than is,
The wind that blows slowly passes,
A subtle movement once it stirs, gone,
The buildings stood thus again stood,
The cars that drive shall drive again,
Another day that passes, another sun,
Nor night that covers the eyes soon,
The trees that glide through time,
The clock that still is whole but ticks,
With every tick a drop of rain utters, Read More

A single star

Above was the Universe,
Then were the many stars,
Were then gathered round,
Too bright lest not found,
There was a lone star,
Travelled far across them,
Another star to shine with,
But none, no star to find,
Alas; was the star’s folly,
Rather shine alone than with,
Then the planets turned blank,
Then the echoes slowly dimmed,
A distant noise slow as whisper,
A breeze that soothes is gone. Read More


One step at a time they arrive,
At once part their heathen ways,
Alights the shadow as once it were,
If light were vacant and me derive,
A fairness that blooms hither in day,
As such where night falls I blur,
By stones that roll they never sleep,
As sounds their crashes I fall too deep, Read More

In Silence with the Universe

Within a dark scope of drawing abyss,
Where grounds to an infinite loop
Of hope and thought to greater song,
To feel the empty box that casts away,
Suddenly moves in utmost subtlety,
Slowly breathes a vacuum to shrink,
Where wakes a lonely star passing by,
Flowing through time, simply passing;
It’s falling into a distant darkness,
Somehow found itself in the palms away,
Whispered the last speck of its light, Read More

Wandering tale

Erewhile, all fade to grey,
Meanwhile, I fade away,
At once the silence bade,
Sat upon once to wade,
Follows a journey long,
I will do mine a bong,
Sounds the bell silent tolled,
My heart in angst once pulled, Read More

His still and absolute Emotion

He lay checking out his phone,
The piano that slowly plays away,
Soon the night that draws near,
At last closes his eyes to see,
The memories he had once in fear,
His heart soon found comfort at bay,
Now knew the way to bond never lone.

He gazed at the way time had spelt,
The pictures that colour themselves,
Where those pixels subtly glitter,
For minutes to spell the hours lost,
In him, his heart to a happiness litter
Once slowly to the grey it delves,
His again the silence of life he dealt. Read More

Digging downward

They mined through and went,
As though all darkness covered,
To have dug and living inside,
Their shovels too small to task,
Trouble in the way of old, so long;
At last it greets me another, another,
Once more I try my hand again, to live,
But I find his life so strange,
So strange I am distant to part,
Once I thought to bring together, Read More