At the garden

I see a swallow across the fields,
There’s something; I’m walking away from thence,
So long I feel the air into a void suspense,
So long is the time I felt my spirit run,
Whose beauty can only testify ere the Sun,
Blesséd is I; this gifted joy can never go.

And the light that shines me this dainty glow,
A howling through the wind the tree brushes,
No sight so simple as much the blood rushes,
Whose flesh can never hold his mind so weak,
Whose steps through the way yonder seek,
My time erased or long has it come so far. Read More

Story of the Night

There was this river I once knew,
So beautiful was its nightly glow,
But sometimes I would walk past,
But sometimes I would not pass,
And at times the river flooded,
So much pavements were sodded,
Yet someone would always wander,
Yet never knowing what to ponder,
A life so still and so fragile,
Can only be so quiet or agile, Read More

Out of

Out of man came many;
Out of many came one;
Out of one came all;
Out of all came world;
Out of world came Earth;
Out of Earth came stars;
Out of stars came Sun;
Out of Sun came Void;
Out of Void came space;
Out of space came Universe;
Out of Universe came thought;
Out of thought came change;
Out of change came humanity;
Out of humanity thus came man.

Just one flower

Reaching for the river is a flower,
I saw it tumble down from soil to rock,
Let it roll and swim away yonder,
Meets the great sea again all to lock,
The sound is what I see but n’er heard,
Brings me back to the times I saw,
Finds me a dear amongst the herd,
I’m sighting a flower amongst the four,
Then I’ll plant another for more,
Give me a penny for a flower, lo, Read More

Craft me a sea

Then sat down the moon yonder,
I’m looking away whilst he writes,
He’s looking at me whilst I sing,
I’m winning the hearts again;
My love is asking for my hand,
He’s asking for the way to write,
He’s loving a way through my ears,
I’m seeking a hand to guide me,
I’m looking away for the way here,
Take me from the moon to the stars,
The stars call me hither, hither;
Inhaling the stars there’s a sign,
There’s a pattern that reads:
Beauty is only the beginning in life; Read More

Other world 

In another planet, so I’m lost,
No light to give me life anew,
I curse the sun every morn drew,
Now turn me to ash more I walk,
Turning me to ash a greater burn,
A weight on my shoulder not light,
I’ll run again when the light’s out,
Give me the fire to light my heart,
There’s only blood to put it out,
My heart is another sun in dark,
Shall give life to one another, Read More

Miles from a Distant Echo

Then sought the path right or left,
Is long weeping a way before bereft,
His feet treading this pathless road,
A distant way is not darkness be showed,
Nor time is but long has been fought,
Nor silence is he that hours is wrought,
Pulls the mud with him this stricken way,
Pulls the light from vacuum where it lay,
Vapes another lest more is anger fed,
Bows before a rain what place he’s led,
And but phone is to guide him to place,
Is but done the choice he has to face, Read More