Barry the Hamster

A while back Neptune with Mithra would war,
Songs leavened light but darkened snow yea cold,
Twas hour tight till carpets soaked in tears bore,
Pages ye books now would crease they longed to fall,
That was when Barry took note his cage floating,
Woken drooping sounds, steadfast come was nigh,
Headlong fought and bitter sought the bars now broke,
Long last the door came through, and walls drunk more,
Each book he clung as ships afloat at sea,
With a thrust the weight of walls loomed to cave,
Gasp! and scurry! and hurrying was he,
Till higher ground was met, and boarish tears he made,
Night would grow; cold would bite: till leaves he ate.
"What time of fright! My owner gone for nuts!
Nor Noah refuge me from Neptune's arm!
Nor Mithra for warmth of light lest mine dies!"
As morn would whisper, so too others follow,
She stopped by memories and peeked and throwed.
At long last she took note of her hamster weak,
Did give warmth and food by hand and lips powed:
"Of all things I have lost be it named and shamed,
For I have all in the world; a curse ye devil's bane!
My dear Barry the Hamster yet he lives!"

Two Turtles

Reader, these two turtles are one described:
Their shells coloured my sight prescribed,
Whose eyes commanded hands extend,
Fit for fingers touch upon shells to tend,
Though warm and hard was one such shell,
Drew back the other knocked as a bell,
Like a drop echoing erst the ripples form,
Each sound crawls ere a hundred born;
Now cast I check a shell: empty and cold!
Sunk, sunk away! yet its soul be gold!
Like new burberry, I tried and I wait,
This time, the price tag was no bait!
Whence my legs stretched, my neck curled,
Did slip through and here am pearled!
Child I was, such a shell then broken song!
Yet this child in me never truly gone!
Oh, beautiful shell! How bright your smile,
How blessed to have grown back in style!
Slow are the days ahead by mud be test, 
Yet rain sings "trip to tread tight" in jest!
Swim, swim away! Pieces of my past, swim!
Float and hence such erupting sorrow!
This shell abandoned new, is but shell adorned!


Golden was my sight at dawn beheld,
Giants scaled at large I slowly bid,
Slow were my wings till flight withheld,
Mine eyes drooped in mellow avid:

I have seen the giants fall and heel,
The sun collapse ere light be fraught,
I have felt the heat they durst feel.
Years roll through smoke and drought,

Yet still I remain in this sac of draught,
These new species I can't tell apart,
Two bulging uppers and one hell a raft!
Though I'm thankful I never dart!

Yet, here I am, the foolish trot,
Had I delayed a second by move,
I would not have seen a million years,
And this be same by seconds above.

Till now those millions past,
Glared by passer-bys here and there,
Never knowing what story past,
Tis sap guarding that story to bear.


Like a leaf I am, wind and rain come:
Damn it! The hell that ye come near,
When green alone is all I sing and write,
Now crease this leaf I trickle ooze,
Grief is it, my friends doth say, those leaves;
The age is gone from haraam ere be halal,
Wrung round my stem, its roots now descend,
With such bulbs as tightly round as sting,
Could not fathom such dirt ere more is come,
Then I say I am still a leaf, alone and attached,
When this dead plant falls: there am I sought,
Fromwith all I beget now strikes chords beau,
Though I fear such chords me forgets now few
Till one would not view me leaf as much I am,
Then tend me not, nor catch mine eye, nor vein;
It is fraught then, I am left, then plucked and held,
When each is brought, I am neither here and there,
But in essence brought is my existence ere laid
Aghast the foul stench my decaying green sought,
Thus becomes the green most relying bought.

I know this because I am bought and sold,
Then they smoke me. Then I am whole..

Single Leaf

Aye, I speak of that single leaf,
My ideas run few and wild,
But it was just this leaf I saw,
Lingering, in the midst of bloom.
'Twas neither dark, nor light in day,
Nor was I seeing bark fight the day,
Withering through the wind was That,
Falling from its host was just That;
Nor resisting, nor falling, but moving,
Beneath the green I saw a world in view,
Those veins carrying its essence flowed,
Then I looked beyond the veins and thought,
"There's a universe, a world, a single state."
What I saw in our world today, compares not;
In all its chaos of tree decayed, could not fathom,
This leaf still fell, and was not resisting the wind.
Nor was it telling of fair asunder,
Nor grew tired till ground it touched,
Not drew the sighs once it was.
It was the wind carrying this leaf away,
It was the leaf that took the trees away.
From high above the hives of bees,
To this was new home on ground anew,
Nor sang was it that wind hoisted blew,
True was it, that I should witness one;
Not all, but simply stood idle and captive,
That I sing both free and captive of all things,
Nor could I help but watch it fall to ground,
That I may think a bit, the state of all,
How naive I was that all could not fall!

Tempered Storm

Sing, glorious waves. Mock the land now wet,
Deposit your shells, cast the sand further near,
Nor will no moon dare calm your speedy wave,
And the waves still sink mountains by sky's delight,
Who knew then that melody would attract a crab,
Who'd let each wave crash upon his shell to furore,
Then sunk beneath the waves then escorted out,
Belated were the thanks torn apart by crack of dawn,
When all sounds alike are but waves truly strike,
There is but a simple whisper beneath each crash,
Whose light above cannot steal a sombre tone.


I am a single raindrop from the sky,
Hear me now, for I am called the sky.
I bring with me my companions to cry,
So that all the world can hear us cry.
I step into your world, not knowing where,
So that when footsteps near, I know where;
When all the birds fly above looking below,
I can see the light just from high raying below;
I am the sea that calms the wind,
I am the ocean that soothes the wind,
It is not my duty to call the Sun,
For I alone am distant from Sun,
I am the chest of right misfortune,
But that makes not my life misfortune,
I am none other than rain absorbed,
My life, not in vain, is vast absorbed;
The soothing Sun sings to my abode,
"Come back to the sky, here abode!"
Thus we return to the placeless form,
Till one arrives in light's shameless form.

What a planet

The seas ache their waves ere dawn
Dismayed by telling sunset few,
Grief is sought but nor lingered gone
Nor are there no coral, not even anew;
No, there is but no garbage round,
The tides will sing, but on moon's behest:
My light hither so drop as rain,
Speech I distill as dew to pass,
No yea small on herb this rain,
Till it be rays I say unto grass;
And say then, aghast fraught at me:
My name is Earth, and I am soiled,
Give not a second mate - let be;
For I have breathed and spoiled,
My words now deaf by ears,
Till mutes around see my tears,
Then jest I dance round the sun,
Then none shall hear me run.


Little lilies on a lake,
Look on my sight,
Loot not my iris took,
By way supreme,
Your art esteem,
Breathe your petals here,
Endow my reflection near,
Nor kiss my anger sunk,
Till roses lone be envy.

Ah, these lilies swim away.
Swim, swim away!
I'll have your tea at morn,
Your nectar licked by noon,
But by eve, I'll wear petals fine;
No drag race will beget me,
No fab face will bestill ye!
Hence, mine hour is sparse,
The night invites your scent.

Light’s Tail

Not a verse, nor a song,
A word told an hour long,
Leave me be untold cares,
Such gales kiss lips so bare,
Then part my foot a way,
Ere the dawn sweeps my day,
There brought is star alone,
No sun but swiftly hone,
And the steps call us here,
I hear echo seize mine ear,
Each sound whisper seeping,
May noon burn my keeping,
And the eve still strikes loud,
And the gulls yet free tout,
Nor moon pleasure bestow,
Till light anew is towed,
Anchored here, err mine eyes,
Each hour the light's tail dyes,
What new spectre followed,
Descend upon mine ode,
Wipe my tears till morn glow,
Banish next my hourly slow.