Living Lie

I stand before the mirror how nude,
Asking myself this question: who am I? Read More

His Words

But no god adorned,
So few but kindred fair,

Alas my honest word is not,
Then cast me aside, alas;

Who could not for love help,
For prey is near, I am whole,

Lest I may be, yet safe bestowed,
Is for not so safe, for lack is born;

Ere born mine earnest hope begone,
But do no harm as more gone ye seek,

I tremble with every step I walk, Read More

By blood and poison

And then I’ll return from when I hence,
Leave me behind I’m only shadow past,
Slower I breathe your name how shallow,
A single kiss to break my loving fast,
A darker emblem that binds me apart,
Hide me under the Earth nor to speak,
Weeping is me in feet of neither feats,
Gather the thorns their poison’s peak;
Wrap thy neck round the cold wreathes,
Return me from me into you and see, Read More

Living poison

He renders mine heart a way of knowledge,
So defends the way the blood that passes,
Gone is the light binds whence never it hedge,
Of light divine given haste more, alas;

But part me from all this, if not so bad:
I am only servant that serves nothing,
Few of mine are ways that imply ye love fad,
None but fewer cells that run but doting; Read More

Darkness for poison

Will you in my finest wine respect the light,
And from whence the colours blind the eyes glow,
Dresses in a distant fade the darkness banished,
That idol called ye God now calls me forth hither,
At token thus kneels and makes greater the foe was,
In the gestured frealty of the virtue once it lost,
Abstains never from what casted world ere fraught,
Step towards the blood from which many a fire escape; Read More

Poison congeal

As crowned ye Queen for Thee and blinded what reflects here;
Here, corrupts the wealth of Nature at long behest did not I find,
And found at greatest thine, my heart to have spread wings brail;
United with ye and for what Happiness in me eternally endures,
And shall peacefully lay and kneel for so long as pleasure allows, Read More