No bass to play

And then he’s in the room darkest and touched,
No song to squeeze, no rhyme to please,
As happened was the story mighty q man he launched,
Was there a splendid creation than the love between,
So sombre yet so sweet only for heaven to envy,
A blisséd sky, a beautiful sky, red and the moon narrow,
The gustle of that wind drew away. He thought loud and knew himself well.
Then awoke to find no melody to hear, no string to tune,
There was no bass to play down here,
A world up there, more tunes aloud,
Give me peace and I’ll give only love.

Virtue lost

I tell you my Lady but I am no better Saint,
Days to let you know that once so easy and free had become one, two and three,
A lesser heart crushes another,
A soft breeze crushes the stronger one to sea,
But how I come to you was no better,
Though how to sit and watch the fires part as I char through the anguish that becomes of it,
One lover bears another and explains his weight is twice the heart that pumps your blood,
Our follies are one, our pities so small,
The very breath I breathe only as acid could ever kill,
Bond with me here I said yet no task so nigh,
By the end he would sire more suns to glorify you than
YOU to bear his sons to fire him,
A past so meagre and foolish was one so black no eyes be seen,
But I’ll remember the night so long ago,
The man I was and could never be thus,
Then he’ll wander again through the site upon which he declared:
My fair Lady, here was new life to be made.

Nor silent is but that with no noise to recommend.

Short of her breath was an erstwhile walk,
Shall she seek far the sun that hence brought,
She is singing through the whispers of thousand,
I am broken, my voice is; voice is, voice gone,
And my little ears can only hear so loud,
She is singing away, alas my voice cannot respond;
Though silent is my head as much noise my heart aches,
So drops the chalice of my tears into dark,
Alas, she can only walk for all a thousand,
She’s following the road to see herself,
She sees, then she sees, above all; she sees,
There was one tree that she encircled so casual,
But vain attempt that ere would never ere be guile,
Is her pursuit of myself so loving, so dangerous;
Would she confront the most darkened man alive?
I am sweet; I am strong; my tears fall; my heart aches,
Tis not my nature to esteem; I shall rest till then,
Who walks away without seeing me part for naught,
Betrays me here, sees me banished and rejoins,
A sight besought, a voice bespoke, a noisy love:
No moment does not pass without neither of us silent.

Silent echo

I see within the dark a road,
Is but not a road,
A path that takes me hence from here,
Is but not in the slightest near,
I will fight to reach where I desire,
Take care yond of fire,
But it is not that I am sure to take,
For this was never fake,
But it is not that I am unable to take,
Who seeks which to take, but will you?
Shall I in fear be ought not to break,
Don’t you never brake. Read More


Folded was then a single piece,
Folded to blend with the pile,
How many words she ought to write,
Are but words trying to express,
To express the single promise,
Who told her where she was,
Who told her the fate she knew,
Her life on a piece of paper,
All creased but folded away,
Her words eating her out alive,
Watches those verbs come to life,
Those nouns she describes fade,
Her breath on a single stroke of pen. Read More

Ophelia, so sweet

And I’m on the edge of the Earth,
And He sees me now where I think,
Then He looks yond the seas turning,
See how I walk with neither fear,
Where then I look away then away,
Sees the world tearing herself gone,
Sees the Sun that winks subtly,
And then I will look away from ye,
I’ll walk the darkened day as I do you,
Or we’ll sing the past echoes again,
Or we’ll whisper a name ne trembling,
Nor will we falter our path again,
I’ll heal and so will I heal, heal and heal,
God listens, knows I will from there walk,
I see my dearest love seeing me now,
She’s waiting beyond the land and sea,
There’s bandage she equips me I heal,
There’s a girl who’s watching over me,
Before God, there’s only love I seek,
I’m miles from a distant echo light sent,
And I’ve sought love long and how hard!
She but leagues away from my heart beating,
Then I am my wings clipped; my wings clipped,
I’d rather Ophelia than all the jewels,
Is sweeter than nectar (but more bitter than tea),
Regardless, I’m reuniting with my other half,
Regardless, I’m less the girl as I sing now,
I’ll become a woman another day
As the nightingale sings her to sleep.
And only God knows the way of love more.

A Lantern in the Deep

If you let me I will shine,
Let me shine this light through,
As nothing far from me breaks,
Only witin you can only break,
I’m lighting a path inside,
Within this heart so dark and cold,
Shall I this lamp behold,
May ice crack and heat disperse,
Because I freeze to death in heart,
Your chills are freezing me bare, Read More