Second Thought

Under the streets was the sky above,
A bitter taste left no air abound,
Known was he who threw all disarray,
Flaneur is he how idle a shadow kept,
Breathed the creases a still night,
This wind brought round and round,
It was a thought and he was night,
Under the lake he’ll swim to dive,
Alas he knows not to swim but shall,
It wasn’t his will but hence partake;
For, to do is not to be born to be,
Legs clapsed in stems no thorn brew, Read More

Mad reason

Sanity whose feigns that groans;
But linger fares their way behest,
Chastise their minds about, a lot;
Green their ways ere skin be made,
A stupor greater than silence bore,
Long thwart the hours their prison here,
Shriek the name once they heard there amiss,
Clear the sighs their songs had said,
Shook the leaves off but lay;
Found upon it their bed once their head dare, Read More

Hill spotting

I paint myself a picture leaping,
Sooner the brush strokes rushed,
They were crusted from disuse,
All was tired lest never they muse,
Suddenly I saw myself leaping,
The painting was walking with me,
I tipped the paint over to see,
I drew myself a world to see,
The skies: I painted them yellow,
The grass is blue, I’m red,
I’m also a person. I like that. Read More

Ongoing plight

Out of the darkness forth a shadow came,
Sits upon the bench in that darkness same,
Air it breathes thus ventures towards its host;
Lays still by;- feet planted in mud ere lost,
Brings closer to himself that his shadow boast, Read More