Watching the Lambs

A cool summer’s eve drew sun in evening glory. At a distant fold knew better light where breeze and sound combined would mute the nature between them. Within that nature, with sounds of walking footsteps through trail of wood and mud, there was I and a friend going through it all. Recounting the steps to this unknown part I could not call home nor haven. It was but a guest in nature’s woods. Watching through the glistening water from premature rain to cover the leaves with tears that drooping their eaves cast light into our eyes. These shady leaves in number grew had only our shadow they knew; more they found our steps to folly they surround us. Where one of us would attempt a log to pass through, another would walk around. I was the former. Read More

Apocalyptic Solitude


Oh, breeze that ye Nature gush me forth,
A winding darkness that shrouds around,
Soon that weeps He in his lonely state,
And he in the silence that bore him through,
Alas for not the reasons he has to justify,
Though not his darker nature that seeks,
If not the light, then yearns for darkness,
And slowly descends into the caverns here,
That madness stirring, only slightly shaken;
The barrels of the dungeons whence he lingers,
Of that peaceful state in which he lays in wait. Read More


See those ashes that litter me whole as I unto they remain,
Grafts unto that stone his name does lift me thereunto carry,
In soil does the dry sand his rock does fire where amalgamates,
Sieves through that Earth through the core to the sky unto me,
Does risk his weary life through what oceans storm muster fine,
Causes mine in lack of thrice facts uttered that does plea adjourn,
His presence ominous does wreak my skin covers those eyes wide,
Atop that tower lay as walking by does this counterattack mine wait,
Attacks me so those figures ahead and looks dare Justice entails, Read More