Seeking you

Every star, a story untold,
Hermes sought a light now gone,
Limp is he, but whose stand is fraught,
As breeched his air now casts a dew,
Breathe a light so my life is so!
Rumi, give me the darkest depths of light,
Hafez, alight mine eyes on God’s dark iris’,
A Milton speaks here, so give Maker my life
In Ire, nor ere more greater words we wrote.
Shakespeare chant, and now is being non-being,
Negative as I seem, nor cynical as I optimise,
Seal my trust of breath this happiness lasts,
I seek the dark, so do You. Reader, seek, seek!
Money and charm, fame and breadth the world deny,
From Kilimanjaro, Everest. Oh, Chimborazo! Deny!
Now I see a moon, a star, more stars, a dark.
A past I forsook, even Cleopatra is her snake relayed.

Bring all venom from whose deny,
Give breadth mine art this solo,
Breath the wine that breathes a lie,
I play the tune that fills with sorrow,
Oh, it is now my crease from whose awry,
Now sings songs of hapless woe backward.

Final words

I find that she waits silently,
At that same broke, all too wry;
Soon she said and thus walks there,
So better to have her in rest,
More that I shall delay my words,
To tell the way, and so be heard,
Rushing through the sheets and tear,
Blushing red my poison this love sinks, Read More

Dreams of a lament

Reprieves, give me; for what lack – sorrow remade,
Depth of mine, shallow before, deep astound;
Grief that lays, sighs again, and sighs, so far,
Dares the road that follow and follows not unto,
Banishes the wheel from whence he turns, he drives;
He lacks and still, lacks but frail and sooner nigh,
More, alas; more, lest he the alas choked to be had, Read More

Darkening plight

Because I like the darkness; it raptures me so,
Strikes me towards the heart; never thought ere saw,
Never thought ere saw, as the gestures mock silent,
Through the bewild’ring footsteps that unto grass fade,
Oblige me thus to follow as I descend further never lost,
Leaving all value of mine; leaving all morality hence,
For within the comfort of darkness, we most truly are blind; Read More

For what choices mine life ever belay

This edge of insanity in my brow that weeps of none the poison,
That breaches me in what haste that never sung nor the venom made,
Frail at my behest gave me breath of last for hence his vision,
To curse my err and sink me deep into pillars of the unknown fade,
Sweeps me from the ground towards the light as sought to have made,
As sought to have made, and made mine own what darkness ere rape,
Grief mistook my name and bestowed me another; how solemn to have laid, Read More

Deceptive beauty

And upon the face from which sprangst never a face;
Grafts thyself one anew that in all relishes thus possessed,
Let thy substance upon her kindred fair blush her well,
That in the face of all beauty I am corrupted none the last;
Thou callst her the lady in all her fair grain bleeds for fair,
Brought mine a custom close for reeled in the brushes ye bake,
Whilst they wait, thy company here, shall I wait and tender brew;
To give thee that poison from which Nature guards and thus apply: Read More

Of the apocryphal

Of the apocryphal did not I read and procure imagination such;
Indeed sought the betterment of myself through the loud talk,
Through all voices heard shall never mine be softer though just,
For this frank point made did not I blow through the minds of many,
Alas for one or two ere not heard be may yet conjure my deeper regression,
Alighted at their doorstep, delivers my final word and transcends:
So I look up at their windows and call them down for word final word
Be the first while I ask of their Happiness and only silence the answer, Read More

To the new life

To grow tiresome of walking and fighting,
For grains of my own skin and wealth of my blood pour,
Slowly found myself at the perils of Nature beheld,
Upon my shaken brow wept through long notes sought,
At long last, the silence doth found me twain darkst,
Ere thus beheld for circumstance revised my yellowed gaze;
Whose held star reached brought through breezes of the fine wind gale,
Can soothe me and so move me as closer am I to Nature, Read More