Out of

Out of man came many;
Out of many came one;
Out of one came all;
Out of all came world;
Out of world came Earth;
Out of Earth came stars;
Out of stars came Sun;
Out of Sun came Void;
Out of Void came space;
Out of space came Universe;
Out of Universe came thought;
Out of thought came change;
Out of change came humanity;
Out of humanity thus came man.

Noble Man – III

You are born a man to be a man,
To be a man is to man up the man,
You man up in order to to be a man,
To become a man is to make a man,
You man can only in silence suffer,
To be a man is not to be a man,
You man is only us two divided,
To forget a man is never a man,
No man never said they can feel,
For man is a man that only thinks,
You man can only do when not, Read More

Nature’s way

For parted he the reflection left
And grieve the refraction reft,
Bring the lead stemmed all from way,
Her womb once the cord cut she lay,
Beknownst to him the first lesson
Whence cry that known must walk hasten,
Cannot crawl evermore long that ere crawl, Read More